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Location Moab, UT
Rating Moderate,
Length 92.1mi
Time 2days

White Rim

Location Parker, AZ
Rating Moderate,
Length 10.4mi
Time 3hrs

Backway to Desert Bar

Location Big Bear Lake, CA
Rating Easy,
Length 15mi
Time 3hrs

Cleghorn Ridge

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Help! More Trail Updates Needed

To all our 4-wheeling friends…we need your help with more trail updates, especially in Arizona and California. It’s more challenging for us to keep up with changes in states farthest from Colorado. We do our best to keep our ear to the ground through the Forest Service, BLM and 4-wheeling news, but there is nothing…

Trails Are Changing

Trails Are Changing A field report from author Charles Wells Co-author Matt Peterson and I are in the process of re-driving trails for our two Colorado 4×4 books. We are about seventy percent done with the driving and should be finished in the next few months. We hope to have the new 4th edition books…

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