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being prepared

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Better to have, and not need, than to need, and not have.

Franz Kafka

Make sure everything is secured and locked into place.

• Plenty of food and drinking water. Consider water purification tablets or a water filter.
• Rain gear plus warm clothing.
• Sleeping bags in case you get stuck overnight even if you are not planning to camp.
• A good first aid kit including sunscreen and insect repellent.
• Candle, matches, lighter, fire starter.
• An extra set of keys, glasses, watch.
• Toilet paper, paper towels, wet wipes and trash bags.
• A large plastic sheet or tarp.
Detailed topographic maps, map atlas.
• GPS unit or compass. (Learn how to use a compass.)
• Sharp knife or Multi-use tool.
• Items to make a fire.
• Work gloves.
• Fire extinguisher.
• Jumper cables.
• Fuses and electrical tape.
• Flashlight.
• A full tank of gas. Extra gas for long trips.
• A good set of tools including specialized tools for UTVs, ATVs and dirt bikes.
• Baling wire and duct tape.
• An assortment of hose clamps, nuts, bolts and washers.
• A full-size spare tire.
Tire repair kit.
• A tire pressure gauge, electric tire pump that will plug into your cigarette lighter.
• A jack that will lift your vehicle fairly high off the ground. Carry a High-Lift jack, it can be used for winching, lifting, clamping, and spreading. Test your jack before you leave. Carry something to clean the jack mechanism in order to help it operate smoothly.
• Shovel, tree saw, axe. Folding shovels work great.
• Tire chains.
• CB radio, cellular phone or HAM radio.
• Emergency beacon. SPOT, INREACH or a satellite phone
Trash bag. Leave the trail better than you found it.
• Tent.

Store items in tote bags or large plastic containers so they can be easily loaded when it is time to go.

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