Help! More Trail Updates Needed

Posted on: September 5th, 2018

To all our 4-wheeling friends…we need your help with more trail updates, especially in Arizona and California. It’s more challenging for us to keep up with changes in states farthest from Colorado. We do our best to keep our ear to the ground through the Forest Service, BLM and 4-wheeling news, but there is nothing as good as a first-hand report from someone who has just driven the trail, or in some cases, tried to drive it but couldn’t get through.

Our website now includes a separate information page for each and every trail in our 4-wheel-drive books. To leave an update, just go to an individual trail, scroll down and click on the box that says “PROVIDE AN UPDATE” and fill in the form that pops up. You can include your name or do it anonymously. Allow a few days for the update to appear on the website as we do verify before posting.

Also note that there is a separate place to leave a trail REVIEW,  which includes a one-star to five-star rating system. This is just your opinion of the trail, how much you liked it, loved it, or hated it. Add as many specifics as you want.

A word about how to search for a trail: The easiest way is to simply type the name in the search box. Use the spelling for the trail name as it appears in the book. You don’t have to type the entire name, just some sequence of any of the letters that are unique to that trail. For example, if you type “Peru,” you are only going to get “Peru Creek.” If you type “North,” you are going to get ever trail that has those 5 letters in that order. A picture of each trail will pop up that you typed in.

Click on the picture of the trail you want. Please note that if you type a sequence of letters that are not in any trail name, nothing will pop up. You can also select a trail from our TRAIL LOCATOR MAP, which allows you to filter your choices by state, rating or vehicle type.


  • Dear Mr. Wells,

    Great many thanks for your fantastic guides. I always recommend them (as well as Peter Massey’s and the Latitude 40 maps). The regular re-driving and publishing of actual new editions is a tremendous advantage of your guides. I have provided updates to 16 of the Arizona trails, driven over the last 18 months (except one). I will try to provide updates to a number of the Utah and SW CO trails as well. Please let me know if you have any questions about the provided updates. Not to mention, Happy Thanksgiving and, as always this time of year, Go Blue! 🙂

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