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Trail Updates

Have you been out on a trail recently?

Give us an update, let us know conditions and anything else interesting you encountered.

Trail Update #47

published 2/5/2018


12/9/2017 Submitted by GIL BESINGER
One of my favorite local trails. Between waypoint, #4 and #5, say mile ~12.5, there is a new “social” trail that leads away from S. Butte, heading slightly to the south. It is a bit deceiving at first. Took me a bit too long to realize my mistake (my own fault), and double back to the correct trail. No harm no foul, except some new pinstripes :). However, this social trail does lead into deep sand (which could be a problem for others). I did not follow it to its end as the brush narrows considerably.

1/02/2018 Submitted by BRUCE KADING
When running this trail you will find that the creek crossing at mile 22.6 is closed on both sides with locked gates. The trail can be completed by staying left on Blue Haven road which goes into Patagonia.

1/20/2018 Submitted by EVILONE
I took a group of 5 out. We had 2 jeeps, 2 FJ’s and a Power Wagon. The trail should be rated easy to moderate since it was recently graded. The grading removed all the obstacles except the last climb to the summit. The only difficulty is the tight switchbacks and steep climbs. Make sure to put the vehicle in 4 low for the final climb to prevent transmission overheating.


1/28/2018 Submitted by JASON
I was in a 1992 Landcruiser with a 2.5 lift and 33×12.50-15 tires. The squeeze was the easiest part of the “difficult” section. Once you go down the squeeze the climb out is very tough, we had to do a lot of rock stacking. The decent down Pinyon was extremely rutted and difficult. One of the most sketchy descents I’ve done. Before and after the “difficult” section was very pleasurable. Took some years off my life navigating down the pinyon decent though.


1/07/2018 Submitted by JON
The trail had a seasonal gate that was locked.

6/17/2017 Submitted by Charles Wells
F.S. 247D that connected the two loops on the east side, has been removed and is totally revegetated. The boardwalk at “The Notch” has significantly deteriorated, but the view there is still spectacular.​

6/19/2017 Submitted by Charles Wells
The trail is more washed out and rocky in places. Would rate it Moderate now instead of Easy. Also, barriers at the ends of the trails stop you from driving in as far as before. You might have to walk an extra 100 feet to reach the best campsites.


Trail Update #46

published 12/22/2017


12/8/2017 Submitted by David Stephens
There is some confusion as to the validity of the route between Waypoints 7 and 8. It is physically marked as a hiking trail. FunTreks clarified with the BLM office that since the route is on State Trust Land, it is considered a shared route and legal to motorized vehicles. The BLM also asked FunTreks to reroute the section between Waypoint 2 and 3 (that follows the wash) to now use the main road. Waypoint 4 is not shady anymore, the natural spring is being used for private use.

11/7/2017 Submitted by Gary J.
While the trail is easy for the most part, once you reach Wabuyama trail head headed towards Borianna mines the road becomes more difficult. There are several locations where rock slides have occurred and some sharp turns over rough areas. While it is or can still be rated easy caution should be taken while in this area, it may take more time than what is stated in book. Also, there are multiple trails (7101 A-U) that branch off of the main trail (7101) that can be explored, caution is advised as some of these trails are ATV and not very wide.

11/7/2017 Submitted by David K.
I started backward from Lake Pleasant. I made it past Point 04, but not too far after that, probably around the UFO mine location, the road becomes very very washed out. I had to back up a ways and turn around. I have an 84 Toyota truck 5″ lift 37″ tires and lockers, no winch and I did not feel safe to continue. I was also by myself but maybe with others, it could be done. A UTV could probably do it.


6/17/2017 Submitted by Charles Wells
I drove this trail on July 17, 2017. Access to FSR 97.1 at Waypoint 02 is now closed. Also, FSR 359 ends at a fenced parking lot high above the reservoir. Plans are underway to enlarge the dam and bring the water level up 130 ft. Camp in numbered spots only

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