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What is in the app?

How to use the App

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Tips and Tricks

Power usage Use a power cord or extended battery when in your vehicle. Continued use of GPS running in the background can significantly decrease battery life.

Using “Directions to Trailhead” This feature uses “Apple Maps,” which sometimes stops short of a trailhead or takes you on a less-direct route. Always read our “Getting There” instructions found on the “Trail Description” page. To find this page, go to the “Pick your trail” page and hit the “Info” button.

Sequential trails Sometimes you have to drive one trail to get to another trail. For example, in Moab, you have to drive five miles of Poison Spider to reach Golden Spike. In this case, make sure you get “Directions to Trailhead” for Poison Spider. Also, if you download offline maps, make sure to download both trails..

Downloading offline maps Do this when you have a strong phone signal and/or Wi-Fi. Don’t wait until you get to the trailhead.

To delete a downloaded map  Go to the Offline Maps Manager, select the trail and swipe left.

Two ways to locate trails Besides using “Directions to Trailhead” in the pull-down menu,” you can refer to the “Book Preview” on the “Pick your location” page of this app. Open the preview and scroll down to pages showing a detailed trail list and locator map.

Map screen buttons >Use the arrow button in the lower-right-hand corner of the map screen to keep the blue location dot centered as you move along the trail. The button above the arrow centers the entire trail on the map screen.

To see your location and elevation To display your GPS location and elevation, touch the blue pulsing dot on the map screen.



Frequently asked questions.

How many offline maps can I store at once? About 50 depending on the file size, provided your phone has space. The “Memory Usage” progress bar will change from green to yellow to red letting you know when you are nearing capacity. At that point, you’ll have to delete maps to make room for new ones.

Do I have to download maps to use the app? No. Downloaded maps are there for your convenience. The track log is automatically displayed when you open the trail. You can follow your progress along the route without a map in the background.

Why don’t offline maps fill the screen like online maps? Offline maps are stored in your phone and eat up a lot of memory. To conserve memory, the app is designed to download map tiles along each side of the trail so you sometimes see the edge of the map.

Why can I zoom in more with online maps than offline maps?Online maps require little phone memory, so there is no virtual limit to the number of map tiles that can be displayed. Consequently, many more zoom levels are possible. The zoom level limit for offline maps is Level 16. For online maps, it’s Level 20.

When I’m using downloaded maps, can I zoom in past the point where no map is displayed? Yes. Even without a map in the background, you will find it helpful to zoom in on the track log as tightly as possible. When you are zoomed in tightly, any wrong turn or slight wandering away from the trail will quickly become apparent.

Why are some downloaded maps displayed in street view, while others are satellite view? We’ve designed the maps to start with street views, then switch to satellite view as you zoom in tighter.

Sometimes when I zoom in tightly on a map, I see a generic black or gray screen with graphic symbols and a white grid instead of a map. Why is this? Satellite imagery is not available at this geographic position and zoom level, so a default image is displayed.

What do the green circle, blue square and red diamond mean to the left of each trail name on the “Pick your trails” page? The green circle means EASY trail, the blue square means MODERATE trail, and the red diamond means DIFFICULT trail. For a full description of what these ratings mean, see “Trail Ratings Defined” in the pull-down menu.

What does “Download Incomplete” mean on the “Pick your trail” page? You will see this message when the downloading is still in progress or if it stops before completion. Return to the “Offline Maps Manager” page. If it is just running slowly, wait for it to complete. If it has stopped, click the trail to resume the download.

On the map pages, what are the dark blue boxes with yellow numbers that point to spots along the route? These are waypoints described in the book (sold separately). The book contains a step-by-step mileage log and printed map that describes the trail in greater detail. Waypoints show important features along the route, including such things as important turns, obstacles, toilets, camp spots, water crossings, boundaries, overlooks, etc.

“Trail Descriptions” sometimes refer to photos, maps, page numbers, etc. What’s this all about? Trail Descriptions (what you see when you hit the “Info” button on the “Pick your trail” page) are copied directly from FunTreks’ guidebooks (not sold in this app). These references are useful if you have the book, but otherwise, can be ignored.

Do I have to activate downloaded maps to get them to display while on the trail? No, they will automatically display when you lose connectivity. If they don’t appear, check the Offline Maps Manager to verify that they were downloaded.

I lost connectivity while on a trail but don’t see my downloaded map. What happened? Check the Offline Maps Manager to verify you downloaded the correct trail.

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