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Fins & Things

4 Reviews
Location Moab, UT
Rating Difficult,
Length 6.3mi
Time 5hrs

Vehicle Types


Fun route features amazing roller-coaster terrain.

Unbelievable fun and fantastic scenery. Like driving through a giant roller-coaster park. The terrain is a mixture of slickrock fins and sandy soil. Well marked. Outstanding trail for all vehicles types. See staging area on map. One-way. Open daylight hours only.


Trail Ratings Defined

Very steep slickrock climbs and descents. Few big ledges to get hung up on. Easier in short wheelbased vehicle. Compact, aggressive, stock SUVs can do it with skilled driver.




North loop 6.3mi



High Point


Best Time To Go


Current Conditions

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Trail Updates

Submitted by Drew
Ran in stock 2 door JL Rubicon. Had no issues on the main trail, and did well on some of the optional obstacles. No major issues. If you are entering the park before or after normal hours you will want to stop in the lot for Hell’s Revenge for cell service to pay the fee.

Submitted by Michael
The entrance to the North trail is about .5 miles further east down Sand Flats Road, according to the signs posted. The entrance listed in the book and GPX file is still accessible and can be followed.

Submitted by Charles Wells
There is now a new entrance to this trail. Instead of going into Campground E, you now need to turn right about 0.2 miles before Campground E. This point is about 1.8 miles east of the entrance station. You’ll turn right shortly after a parking lot on the right. A sign marks the new entrance. This newly created road wraps around the back of the campground and connects to the old entry point. We were told it adds about 0.7 miles to the length of the trail. We did not drive it ourselves.


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Al Mire says

Another amazing Moab trail! This is one of our favorites that we run every trip. You will enjoy the roller-coaster ride and scenery. This trail combined with Hell's Revenge makes a very nice day of off-roading.

Sam Ostrovsky says

Fun trail, I wouldn’t consider this one difficult, more moderate. But it’s definitely like a fun roller coaster ride up and down the fins.

Bill Arnett says

The new entrance is 0.7 miles from the entrance station at 38.58231 -109.50303. It rejoins the original trail after 0.2 miles.

MIke says

We ran this trail 7/7/19 and had a BLAST, it is a FUN trail that is a great trail to cut your teeth on for riding slick rock the first time. There is a Southern and Northern portion, the Southern is day time use only. The map they give you is easy to follow. Leave ranger tool booth, go down the road past Hell's Revenge and a little ways down you will see the sign. Turn right at the sign and you will be running the Southern loop down through the campground. You will leave the Southern loop, make a right on the main road and then make a left at the sign to run the Northern Loop. The Northern Loop is a little more challenging but nothing crazy. If you want to skip the Southern loop go past the sign and do not turn right, instead keep going and look for the sign on the left where you will turn to go on the Northern loop. The end of this trail is like an amusement park ride, there is so much fun to be had going up and down the slick rocks! We ran a 2" lift, 33s aired down, discos, frame mounted rock rails and open diffs in a 2018 Sahara JL and had no problems with picking the right lines and making it through.
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