Buffalo Ranch

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Location Jacob Lake, AZ
Rating Moderate,
Length 28mi
Time 3hrs

Vehicle Types


This leg of the Great Western Trail climbs from valley to forest.

This trail starts in low open grasslands and climbs over 2,500 ft., eventually reaching the forested Kaibab Plateau. It offers distant views of the Vermillion Cliffs to the north. We first ran the trail downhill in our RZR and had trouble finding the correct route at the bottom. We went back a second time in our Wrangler and drove it uphill to verify the route. This trail is part of the Great Western Trail and is marked as such with brown Carsonite posts. Watch for them to stay on course. The trail is easier to follow if you start from the bottom as described here.


Trail Ratings Defined

Most of this trail is easy, but it has two steep sections that require a moderate rating. One steep section at Wpt. 05 is borderline difficult. Stock SUVs can do it, but you’ll need skid plates and high ground clearance.






High Point


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(928) 643-7395Kaibab National Forest, North Kaibab Ranger District

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